Boxes of Possibilities

So here I am. The beginning of a whole new adventure. A couple of years ago a pretty decent literary agent told me to pull my finger out and get a novel written. He’d seen other stuff that I’d done and, although I don’t write in his preferred genre, he thought I had a talent for story telling that I should pursue.

Something he said or did helped me to believe. Maybe it was the fact that as a successful agent he had taken a few hours out of his day to go through a business parable I’d written – my first piece of published fiction. Well, whatever it was, thanks Mark. Because thanks to you…

We now have many boxes of my first novel, The Breaking of the Shell,  sitting in our house; boxes full of possibilities. What lives will these books enter? What stories will they add to? What emotions will they stir and who might they inspire to greater things? For that is the impulse for my writing. To entertain and inspire.

The Breaking of the Shell arrives

Boxes of opportunities

It’s been quite a journey. This is my fifth book, but the first one that I have decided to learn everything about book production from writing it, to typesetting it, designing the cover, and creating the finsihed files for printing. I’ve had plenty of help along the way of course over the years and have learnt that you can pretty much do anything if you commit to it. That’s what I’ve been teaching people for years as a coach.  I really now feel that this book contains Me in a BIG way!

So this blog is going to follow the progress of an unknown English author. I’ll let you know what responses I get to my book, who was inspired by it, what they found challenging, what they loved.

We start at sales of 0 – lets see where it goes…


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