Moving people to write

There’s nothing more rewarding than a reader taking the time and care to put pen to paper in resposne to something that has been stirred by an author’s writing. When an early manuscript of TBOTS (The Breaking of the Shell) was doing the rounds, this is what one reader took the time to write:

“Thank you so much for sharing this book with me. It resonated for me in so many areas, from my past to the new awareness that I am nurturing in myself. I found new insights, along with strong, supportive reminders of things I have already awakened to. The volume of those messages in one book was outstanding.

The book was especially powerful for me due to the uncanny parallels it holds to my current situation. The discomfort it brought up at times was strong, yet it held those moments in a bigger picture which was always positiveand ultimately truthful in its energy.

This is a book that has eyes! It looks at you squarely with confidence, love, emotional honesty and spiritual intelligence – and doesn’t look away even when you are uncomfortable. It sits there with an invitation gentle enough not to be threatening, but with that unwavering gaze that promises truth if you choose to engage with it.

Then I realised who’s eyes I was feeling looking at me – my own! This is a book of self-examination, self-illumination and self awareness. A mirror in words! I was doing the looking, and I am blown away by how tender and caring the gaze felt.

I believe this book will be many different things to many different people. I see the themes that I picked up on, and connected strongly with, as a product of my past and where I am right now. I feel others may well find something completely different and personally relevant in its pages. This, for me, speaks of the deeper energy and connection of where I feel its words have come from, that allows it to be so versatile.

The eyes have it

It’s a privilege to both read it, and have the opportunity to share my thoughts about it. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the story and its messages. But most of all I cherish the part it has played in my journey – and I don’t think its role is completed yet.”


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