Fast Readers!!

Although I write, I’m not the fastest reader of books on this planet.I find I really have to take my time over most books to get the maximum out of the experience. For many others of course, they can get the max out of it whilst also reading at amazing speeds.

The Breaking of the Shell is 332 pages . If I was sent the book I would probably take a couple of weeks before I’d cleared the decks, and then probably another couple of weeks going through it. And yet I’m sending out some of the early orders of the book and getting feedback within a few days! These readers are impressive (just like my missus who is also a devourer of books).

Great for me because the main way that word is going to spread about this book is through people reading it and recommending it. This is our preferred path for marketing – it always has been. It’s a small-step route, but ultimately powerful. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen.

Latest comment on the book is from Naraya Urban Winterfeldt, a Journey practitioner. She said: The Breaking of the Shell is a must read for anyone wanting to gain deeper emotional literacy; great plot with the REAL message keeping in on you in between the lines ..


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