Reader rallies to author’s defence shock!

I don’t expect everyone to like my writing – nor of course can any author expect it. Hearing other’s points of view is always useful, even if sometimes it can be challenging to the ego!

Still it was nice to see that someone, who had seen the goodreads/amazon review mentioned in an earlier blog post that trashed the book, felt moved to write. Here’s what this new reader had to say about that review:

“When you start off by saying that this is the kind of book that you wouldn’t normally touch with a bargepole, it’s hardly surprising that you then end up by giving it only one star in your review. It’s unfair to suggest that the book tries to lure you into reading it by masquerading as a novel. The front cover alone should have been enough of a clue as it clearly calls itself “A new alchemy of truth, fiction & spirituality”. It belongs in the same genre as books like Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, The Celestine Prophecy and,as such, more than holds its own. It’s very well written, is put in a contemporary setting, with plausible characters and a realistic plot line and is highly readable. Far from being “whiney”, the author manages to make the main character sympathetic and likeable, despite what many might consider fairly unforgivable behaviour. It shows how very easy it is to simply mess up by NOT “listening to other people and engaging them”.


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