Sex and drugs and a rock-n-rollercoaster of a ride…

Latest review of The Breaking of the Shell, posted on Amazon:

“The Breaking of the Shell will grip you till the last word! It is an intimate recollection of one man’s life story and how his experiences in early life have a profound effect on all the choices he makes thereafter. The plot weaves an intricate web between past and present day which keeps an edgy pace.

Chatty and eloquent, crude yet pure from an open heart, it made me laugh out loud, cry and seriously blush. It is a book everyone can relate to on some level and it shows the potential that we can change as human beings. If we want peace then we all have to wake up, as it starts with the individual.

This book promises ses, drugs and a rock-n-rollercoaster of a ride which all culminates in the possibility of an all-inclusive, worldwide behavioural remodel! It’s not just a novel!

This is a book of genius in my opinion!”

Thanks A.F. You’ve made me smile big time…


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