monday morning blues

feeling a bit reflective this morning. I have written a book that is aimed at the hardest market to break into – the fiction market. The Art of Change is a small publisher with no real track record in that market. And because it is a fictional story, self-help magazines have little or no slots for reviews. So how will word spread? Well we’re taking a big flier on a back page ad on the Christmas Kindred Spirit magazine issue – and I’m hoping that reviewers will see the importance of the book by reading the story. The responses to date have been very powerful – most people seem to to get a lot from the book, and one or two dislike it intensely!
I’m sure Paulo Coelho went through his moments too of not knowing how his stories would get out there, and his books have now sold over 50 million copies.
Meeting today with a fellow writer who did a talk with me recently and we’re chatting through the idea of doing a little tour/interviews etc.


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