The Breaking of the Shell gets reviewed in Kindred Spirit

The new edition of Kindred Spirit contains a review of the book. I am grateful to Anne Feakes, the reviewer, who said she found it ‘hard to put the book down’. In fact the book scored 3 stars, the same as the Dalai Llama’s new book, so I feel in good company!

I was disappointed to see she felt a bit let down by the way the book ended, but pleased she’d like to read more of my books!On the ‘let down’ bit, and Anne commented on finding 90% of the book really drew her in, I would just say that for me the book is about the journey. The ending is a natural unfolding of what has gone before. It leaves some things to a certain extent open to interpretation, because, for me, that is what happens in life. Situations are left unresolved on an ongoing basis,and I want the story to reflect that, as well I hope as providing a certain measure of satisfaction in its unravelling.

So thank you Anne – you have written eloquently and from the heart. You have taken the time to go through the book properly and I appreciate that very much. Every writer wants to see adoring praise maybe, but I choose authenticity every time.


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