Latest feedback on The Breaking of the Shell

And this is partly why I write books…
“Just wanted to say that I’ve just read the book, unusual for me to read a whole book in two days!  I was gripped!
I feel deeply moved by it actually and have just had a really good cry.
I find it a very refreshing alternative to the usual self help book type format. I think it’s message can reach so much deeper with it’s familiar story, that seems to echo our lives so poignantly. I feel I am every character in the book, as is everyone else.
 I have read countlesss books on the process of how to really listen but none so far have illustrated it more beautifully than this.
I want to give copies to many friends who would probably normally shriek at anything that might possible be termed ‘self development’ or dare I say it, ‘spiritual’.
I think it’s message is profound yet accessable and it really is what I needed to read at this particular juncture of my life.”

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