Latest review on The Breaking of the Shell

“Every so often a book comes long that captures the heart and the imagination. `The Breaking of The Shell’ is one such book.

It is beautifully written and cleverly links many levels of human understanding with a global awareness. The novel unfolds on many levels as the main character, Alexander, journeys towards finding personal peace and a sense of his life’s purpose.

As Alexander’s story unfolded, I found myself totally captured by his emotional honesty and the courage he showed by facing his fears; recognising his strengths and weaknesses; and the effect that his misguided actions had had on those he loved and had a responsibility to care for.

It is a story that many of us can relate to; particularly those who have lived through the hedonistic days of the 80’s when self-absorption and ambition ruled the day.

It is a very human story that will resonate with your soul. I loved it!”

Thank you so much Julie Bryant, of Naked Dragon for the review.


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