Latest amazon review on The Breaking of the Shell

I couldn’t put this book down for lots of reasons. First, it reminded me of my youth; living in Britian in the 80’s and 90’s. I recognised how the material world and the ‘selfish’ self lives and doesn’t get us very far (sounds familiar even today eh?)
Lots of things resonated in the story of Alex and his ‘awakening’ from the material world into a reality where the heart and the spirit counts for something. This is especially lovely to see in a male character as so many men feel they cannot be in touch with their authenticity even in the 21st Century…
I also love the more subtle teaching about finding the thing you love doing and making a living from it. It seems a far more gentle and purposeful way to exist.
I’ve read hundreds of books in my time and the measure of a great one is not wanting it to end. When I’d finished the last page, I felt sad to think I was leaving the charcaters (at an approproate end point I might add for the story)when I wanted to keep going to find out how their lives continued.
I really recommend you give this a try. Compelling stuff!”


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