Paradigm Shift Magazine reviews The Breaking of the Shell

Just published – this is the latest review for The Breaking of the Shell.

“This book contains ideas that should be taught in every schoolroom in every country in the world. It is not only a great novel and a riveting read, but also a demonstration of how we learn to create the shell of the title – around our feelings, our intuition, and our ability to connect with other people – and then how to break it down. It is, in essence, a book about communication.

It begins with a long and very believable tale about lack of communication, and the consequences to the growing mind of a young boy. Interspersed throughout are glimpses and revelations, of how communication and the willingness to receive and understand that communication, can transform the ways in which we process our experiences and learn to create better ones, for ourselves and for others.

Some novels weave the stories of different groups of characters throughout the text. This one weaves two timelines for the same person. Each chapter moves back or forwards in time, essentially creating a book that, if read by skipping a chapter each time and then starting back to read the ones missed, would tell a linear story. But by weaving the timelines as he does, the author creates a series of increasing `coincidences’ that graphically illustrate how the `shell’ is both created and broken, as well as giving a lesson in human communication that is unforgettable and life-affirming.

In the back of the book is a `plea from the author’, printed separately on blue card. In it, he requests that anyone who finds that this book resonates with them becomes part of its marketing department, helping to spread the word by buying copies for friends, lending it out, or otherwise getting it noticed, e.g. by reviewing it on Amazon. I found this book resonated very deeply with me, and I for one would love to see it widely read. I’m doing my bit by reviewing it here, and I will add reviews wherever I see it advertised. Everyone should read this book. Why not do your bit for the future of humanity, and read it for yourself?”


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