Win £25/$25 Amazon voucher – entry closes July 1st

WIN £25 Amazon Voucher

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Yoga Magazine, Paradigm Shift magazine, Predictions magazine, Feel Good magazine – they’ve all got one thing in common – they’re all raving about ‘The Breaking of the Shell’. Here’s Predictions Magazine June review:
“Reminiscent of international bestseller Paulo Coehlo’s works, Barry Durdant-Hollamby has managed to capture the beauty of the process whereby facing our deepest and darkest wounds, we are often able to undergo profound and inspirational change. A real page-turner!”
Due to the success of the last competition, we are now running another! So you’ve got another chance to win £25 or $25 Amazon gift certificate – read on to find out how you can win.

The ebook is now priced on Kindle Amazon at £0.98 or USA $1.54 – that’s a whopping 92% off the rrp of the paperback. Anyone buying the book from AMAZON KINDLE or paperback via The Art of Change site (special price £6.99, that’s a saving of £5!), between  now and midnight Sunday July 1st stands a chance of winning the £25 or $25 Amazon voucher in the draw. PLEASE SEE IMPORTANT INFO BELOW ABOUT MAKING SURE WE KNOW YOU’VE BOUGHT IT! PLUS  anyone who has bought the book since June 1st 2012 can also enter by sending their receipt as per instructions below.

Buy The Breaking of the Shell at Amazon or The Art of Change. It’s getting rave reviews, and if you like a good love story with meaning, you’ll enjoy it. We’ve reduced the price to 98p and $1.54 for the ebook/kindle version and £6.99 for the paperback.

IMPORTANT! We just need to know that you’ve bought the book. We’ll know if you buy the paperback from The Art of Change site; if you buy from Amazon then either send us a copy of the receipt ( or if you’re on Twitter, Amazon gives you the chance to Share Your Purchase. Here’s how to do it:

First hit the Twitter button
When the draft Tweet comes up, type @bazzadh into the white box
The Share A Link Twitter Box will appear.
Just press SEND, and you’re in the Draw!

‘The Breaking of the Shell’ is really building up a momentum. With over 1300 facebook friends now (please join our growing friends list!) and a growing list of wonderful reviews, it is not any longer a question of ‘will people like it?’, but ‘how do we get it more widely known about?’ A big challenge for an independent.It’s regularly been in the Top 10 Amazon kindle chart for Metaphysical and Visionary  and for Biographical fiction (getting to at least #3 and #4 in both), and we’re trying to get it to #1 in those charts and into the top 100 for all Kindle books.


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