It’s all about relationships

Pictured below is my daughter Anna (with special guest – see later) who, if truth be told, orchestrated my whole Kenyan adventure. I love the way the web of relationships work. Without me, Anna wouldn’t be here. Without Anna,it’s unlikely I would have ever gone to Kenya to do my peace and values work. And without our combined focus on humanitarian work, neither of us would have got to meet the wonderful Terri – yes, she’s the other one in the picture!

8 Years ago Terri lost her brother to alcholism. At the funeral, Terri’s sister pulled her to one side and asked if she also needed help with a drinking problem. Within days Terri was in a clinic and beginning upon the 12 step programme.

Today she travels round Kenya helping families in crisis due to the effects of alcohol and drugs, appearing on tv, radio and in the press. The chances of me ever meeting Terri were ridiculously small, and yet, by listening to my daughter, our paths were drawn together and I feel rich knowing that every day, Terri is out there doing her bit to heal herself and help the world.



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